Hotels by the sea

Often when booking a hotel for your holiday you will look at its location in terms of the town and beaches. Resorts that are located just out of the town or away from the beach are often a lot cheaper than those within walking distance. At first you may think it’s an easy way to save a bit of money, but think very carefully before booking a hotel that is away from where you want to be. It may be that you are not going to be hiring a car in which case you will need to rely on buses or taxis to get you there and this can be... Read more

Camping holidays in the UK

The UK has some camping spots that are amazing and often not well known about. Some of these camping place some of which have fantastic facilities on site and a wealth of entertainment for all the family. Some people think that they will not enjoy a camping holidays as they like their luxuries and do not like the idea of “sluming it”. Don’t get me wrong, there can be times when it is pouring of rain and you are stuck in a tent getting a little fed up with the surroundings, but often with camping it is all about the preparation and even the wet rainy days can be enjoyed... Read more

Weekend breaks in Blackpool

If you are looking for a weekend break that is packed full of fun and offering a wide range of places to go to, then Blackpool should be high on your list. Blackpool is not necessarily known for its glamor, but does have a great pier, fair suitable for all ages and if you go in or after October, you can see the whole area lit up with an array of beautiful lights. Whilst staying in Blackpool you could visit one of the many attractions such as Blackpool tower, Madame Tussauds, Blackpool pleasure beach and Blackpool Zoo. There really is something for all the family regardless of what interests you.... Read more

Getting a hotel discount

If you are looking to book a hotel for a holiday or for business travel then you may be able to get a good deal by doing some research before you book. If you can be flexible on the dates then certain hotels will offer substantial discounts for mid-week stays for example or going out of peak times i.e. school holidays. Once you have found a hotel that you want to stay at, have a look at a number of compassion sites to see which one is offering not only the best price but also the best deals. Some may include breakfast of free cancellations. When you have got the... Read more

Volcano adventure holiday

An adventure holiday of some sort is on most people’s bucket list, but for some every holiday has to be an adventure one. It may be that you have tried the skiing, scuba diving and safari holidays and now want to explore something a little different. A volcano experience holiday can be a once in a lifetime experience allowing you to view and study volcanoes up close. Iceland has the most active volcanoes but you do not have to travel that far to experience one.  Many of the world’s great volcanoes such Mt Etna in Sicily and southern Italy’s Mt Vesuvius, as are surprisingly accessible. Many of these types of... Read more

Multi-sport holidays

Have you ever fancied an adventure holiday but want to do more than just one activity? Many companies are now offering multi-sport holiday packages where you can do a number of activities often all in one location. The types of sports range vastly from kite surfing, scuba diving to bike riding and trekking and there are packages available to suit all level of abilities. It may be that you want to spend the majority of your holiday participating in scuba diving but also fancy a day of surfing to try it out, this is al made easy in a bundle holiday. Having the opportunity to experience different activities gives you... Read more