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Hotel advice for everyone

When booking a hotel you need to consider what you are wanting it for. Obviously you are most likely booking a hotel for somewhere to sleep and to store your belongings whilst on holiday or on a business trip but how much time will you be spending at the hotel? If the hotel is simply a place to get your head down as you will be out most of the day and evening, then I would suggest a budget hotel that has good reviews in terms of noise level and comfort. If you are looking for a place where you can relax, perhaps have a Spa, stay for lunch or... Read more

Hotels by the sea

Often when booking a hotel for your holiday you will look at its location in terms of the town and beaches. Resorts that are located just out of the town or away from the beach are often a lot cheaper than those within walking distance. At first you may think it’s an easy way to save a bit of money, but think very carefully before booking a hotel that is away from where you want to be. It may be that you are not going to be hiring a car in which case you will need to rely on buses or taxis to get you there and this can be... Read more

Getting a hotel discount

If you are looking to book a hotel for a holiday or for business travel then you may be able to get a good deal by doing some research before you book. If you can be flexible on the dates then certain hotels will offer substantial discounts for mid-week stays for example or going out of peak times i.e. school holidays. Once you have found a hotel that you want to stay at, have a look at a number of compassion sites to see which one is offering not only the best price but also the best deals. Some may include breakfast of free cancellations. When you have got the... Read more

Hotel tricks to get the best price

If you are looking to book a hotel for a holiday, business trip or overnight stay then there are ways that you can ensure that you get the best possible price for your stay. Hotels can be part of a chain such as Travel Lodge or Premier Inn or they may be independent. If the hotel is a chain hotel then they may have quite strict guidelines on pricing and you may find that they cannot offer you a great discount on the stay. If you book through an independent hotel then they may be able to offer you a greater discount but you will often need to pay in... Read more

Hotel review websites

When booking a hotel it is vital that you check for reviews. The hotel may have reviews on their own website but these are often biased as they only chose to show the positive ones. If you want a true picture of what a hotel is like then you need to read a number of reviews to allow you to make your own mind up. Star ratings on review sites are a great way to give you a glimpse of what a hotel is like but you should have a look on the number of reviews they are based on. If a hotel only has 2 reviews and one gave... Read more

Hotel accommodation for a wedding

Many couples now chose to get married in a hotel, or have their reception in a hotel. Very often the newlyweds and their guests stay over in the hotel to allow them to be able to relax and have a drink and also to have breakfast together the next day. When booking a hotel, many people now use sites such as for to find the best deal. These sites often offer lowest rate guaranteed and no cancellation fees which attracts people to book with them. If you are booking as a guest at a hotel where you are attending a wedding, then always call the hotel prior to... Read more