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Weekend breaks in Blackpool

If you are looking for a weekend break that is packed full of fun and offering a wide range of places to go to, then Blackpool should be high on your list. Blackpool is not necessarily known for its glamor, but does have a great pier, fair suitable for all ages and if you go in or after October, you can see the whole area lit up with an array of beautiful lights. Whilst staying in Blackpool you could visit one of the many attractions such as Blackpool tower, Madame Tussauds, Blackpool pleasure beach and Blackpool Zoo. There really is something for all the family regardless of what interests you.... Read more

Christmas in New York

If you are looking for the ultimate shopping trip, then why not head over to New York for a long weekend break. Leaving on Thursday and returning on Monday is enough time for you to have a day shopping and a day exploring this breath taking city in America. Although the flight time is quite long, if you can get one at night, you will be able to sleep for most of it, feeling refreshed for when you arrive. Trips to New York are not cheap, mostly due to the cost of the flight, but around Christmas many tour operators put on offers for short weekend breaks from the UK.... Read more

Travelling to a Volcano

Visiting an active volcano is an experience incomparable to any other. In places like Iceland, you can see some truly unique views of the rivers of flowing lava, geyser’s and caldera’s. In an volcanically active region, the area is flush with views of these phenomena that leaving without seeing an earthshaking display of natural beauty is impossible. There has been a rapid growth in visits to areas like this, despite the obvious risks involved. One of the most popularly visited places for a volcanic experience outside Iceland, is Yellowstone national park, in the USA. Yellowstone is not just any volcano, but is in fact a super volcano, a volcano which... Read more