Booking a holiday in the winter months

If you are looking to go on holiday from October through to March then you will need to send some time researching different countries to see where will offer the best weather for your trip. Trying to find countries to visit in February that will be hot and little rain can be quite hard and you will usually have to opt for somewhere such as the Caribbean. As these destinations are popular with winter holiday goes you will see a huge increase in price for these locations. You can expect to pay about a thousand pounds per person for a February holiday to the Dominican Republic for example.

The canary islands are usually quite nice all year round due to their location, but in February the temperatures are still usually only in the low 20’s and can be down to about 14 degrees, meaning sun bathing may not be ideal.

If you are getting married in the winter months then you may decide to delay your honeymoon to allow you to go to the canaries or Spain etc, when the weather is likely to be better. Doing this can also give you time to plan, get passports and something to look forward to after the wedding.