Camping holidays in the UK

The UK has some camping spots that are amazing and often not well known about. Some of these camping place some of which have fantastic facilities on site and a wealth of entertainment for all the family. Some people think that they will not enjoy a camping holidays as they like their luxuries and do not like the idea of “sluming it”. Don’t get me wrong, there can be times when it is pouring of rain and you are stuck in a tent getting a little fed up with the surroundings, but often with camping it is all about the preparation and even the wet rainy days can be enjoyed by everyone.

Make sure that you have activities planned for when you get there and that you have a range of things to do depending on the weather as in the UK you can never guarantee what it will be like.

You may wish to go for walks on the beach which can be enjoyed whatever the weather or perhaps planning a camp fire on the beach.