Camping holidays may not be as exciting as they sound

Camping holidays may sound like a lot of fun, getting back to basics and being able to spend a lot of time together without the day to day distractions such as work or the television. Camping can be great but it can also be hard work and not the relaxing holiday that you may of envisaged, this is especially true if you experience a lot of bad weather. Going camping when it is cold, especially with young children can create its own problems and you will often find that this means no one gets enough sleep, lack of sleep often leads to grumpy adults and children and doesn’t work well on camping holidays.

If you have not been camping before or if you’re the camping trip is going to be different to previous ones then I would strongly recommend that you do a trail run for a few nights to see how you get on. Make sure that you take some home comforts with you such as a kettle if you have electric hook up and even a hot water bottle to give you that little bit of comfort.

If you find that camping simply isn’t working then do not be afraid to admit defeat this time, and book in to a hotel for a night or two.