Honeymoon holidays on a budget

With the average wedding in the UK costing around twenty five thousand pounds, it often leaves very little for the honeymoon. A honeymoon is a great chance to get away and spend quality time together after the often stressful time of wedding planning. Many of us dream about going to some secluded island somewhere in the Caribbean for a week or two but unless you have a few thousand pounds spare then you may have to think again.

A budget honeymoon holiday can be done, and it can still be perfect, it just may take a little bit of extra planning.

Think about the time of year you want to go, if you are thinking of a winter wedding but want to go somewhere hot for your honeymoon then you may wish to delay the holiday for a few months where temperatures tend to start to rise at many cheaper locations. Also be sure to book outside of school holidays as you will often get a better deal and also won’t have lots of excitable kids running round when you are trying to relax.