Last minute things to do before you go on holiday abroad

Going abroad can be quite stressful as there’s lots of things to prepare for and do before you go. Here there is a guide to some essential things to do prior to going on holiday abroad to make things just a little easier on yourself.

Ensure that you have enough of any prescription medicine with you to last you your whole trip and keep a copy of a letter from your GP explaining what the medication is for should you need to keep this in your hand luggage.

Inform your bank that you will be going abroad even if you don’t plan on using your bank cards, this way they can be aware any UK transactions could be fraudulent and should you need to use your bank cards abroad you would not face any issues. Be sure to tell them which country you are going to and for how long, you can often do this online.

Ensure your passport has at least 6 months remaining on it before it expires as some countries will not let you travel if your passport is close to expiry.

Lastly check the security rules and regulations for the airports you will be flying from and to as rules can vary from airport to airport.