Self-catering holidays – all you need to know

When booking your holiday you may have the option to go self catering or all inclusive. If you are used to going all inclusive then choosing to go self catering may mean you have to plan a little more than you are used to. There are not too many extra things to worry about but you may want to do a bit of research in to the local area to find out places to eat and drink nearby to avoid going places that have a bad rep. You may want to check how close the nearest beach is to the resort to save on travel costs. Some all inclusive locations have everything on site so you need not leave but when going self-catering this may not be the case. Some self-catering hotels can even close early for drinks and food if they do not have many guests booked in, leaving you with little choice but to go off site.

Self-catering holidays are usually a cheaper way to take a vacation but once you factor in the cost of food and drink you often end up paying the same if not more than all inclusive. This is especially true if you have children with you who may want a lot of snacks and drinks. The down side of going all inclusive is that you have paid for your food and drink in with the price so if you don’t like what is on offer you will have to pay again to go elsewhere.