Sorting out your holiday paperwork

When you think of holidays the last thing that probably springs to mind is paperwork, but in reality there is always a certain amount that you need to consider often even before booking your break away. If you are planning on going to another country you will need to check what documentation you will need to enter the country such as passports, other ID, Visa and medical insurance. Some countries have very strict regulation of documents required to gain entry and therefore you may jeopardise your whole holiday if you neglect to put these in place.

When looking at travel or medical insurance, there is no point leaving medical history details out or existing medical conditions as should you need to call upon your insurance you may find that it becomes void and you have to fork out for expensive fees yourself.

Passports can take 6-8 weeks to arrive and so if you are flying soon, you may need to take a trip to Liverpool to apply for one in person otherwise risk them being delayed. If you can get your passport in advance then it is one less thing to worry about as an adult one is valid for ten years.