Hotels by the sea

Often when booking a hotel for your holiday you will look at its location in terms of the town and beaches. Resorts that are located just out of the town or away from the beach are often a lot cheaper than those within walking distance. At first you may think it’s an easy way to save a bit of money, but think very carefully before booking a hotel that is away from where you want to be.

It may be that you are not going to be hiring a car in which case you will need to rely on buses or taxis to get you there and this can be expensive. It often works out more expensive than having to pay the extra to be local in the first place. Not only may you have to pay for taxi’s or buses but if you do hire a car you will have to think about car parking costs and fuel. Traffic can waste a huge amount of time, and especially in the baking heat, is the last thing anyone wants to spend their holiday in.