Hotels – you don’t always get what you pay for

If you are looking at booking a hotel for the night, a short break or a holiday for a week or two then you need to do some research to find out where is best to stay. With lots of comparison sites and review sites, it is now ease to compare where to book to get the best price and also to read what other travellers have said about the hotel.

You may think by paying more for your hotel you will get a better quality rom and stay but this is not always the case. Many hotels think that they can justify the high prices they charge just by being in a sort after area. Or because there is a popular event going on nearby where they know hotel rooms will be of short supply.

When booking a room make sure you read and note down what the room is supposed to offer such as a bath or Sky TV. When you arrive at the hotel room, check that your room has everything it stated it would and also look to see if the room is clean enough. If any of these concerns are not met then ring down to reception and ask if they could send someone up to discuss your concerns.