Don’t be restricted by public transport

Picking a destination to visit can sometimes be restricted by the ease of getting there. For those who don’t drive, public transport can often be a problem. However, with a whole host of apps and services dedicated to planning travel for you, that dream destination may not be quite so difficult.

If you have a budget, travelling by bus and train may make more sense than using taxis. A journey of several miles in a taxi could cost £20 or more, while with offers on buses including group tickets, it could be possible to make the same journey for around £5. You can also add bus services to your train tickets with ‘PLUSBUS’ – coupled with a railcard, you could save yourself up to a third on travel.

However, despite the simplicity of hopping on and off trains, they aren’t always the best value. Although travelling by aeroplane may seem a ludicrous idea for those wanting to save some pennies, it can sometimes work out cheaper – and it could cut time off the journey too.

Arguably the most important factor to consider is the location of the hotel once you reach your destination. Although accommodation further from the centre is likely to be a little cheaper, getting there is probably going to be more difficult with public transport services often decreasing later in the day. It’s a fine juggling act between value and simplicity, but it’s worth the effort for an enjoyable break.