Exploring the night life when abroad

Many people like to be able to go out at night when they are on holiday. If you have young children you may not venture far and will most probably not stay out too late, but if you are with friends or your partner then the night can be a time to really let your hair down.
It is important to consider where you should and shouldn’t go when abroad. Some popular tourist destinations often have places which are aimed particularly at tourists, but what about if you fancy something a little different. You may want to experience a more traditional form of entertainment in which case, you may venture out a little further.
Often speaking to the local people will allow you to find out about hidden gems such as authentic restaurants or bars that are away from the main tourist areas that you may enjoy. Always be sure to check with the staff at your resort to find out more about the area before going. It is not advisable to travel on your own, but if you are there on your own sure that someone knows where you are going when going out at night.