What’s the best age to travel?

If you want to go travelling you may wonder when the best time of your life is to go. Many people decide to go travelling straight after school or college and decide to take a year out before starting work or doing a university course. This can be ideal as you may still be living with parents and have very few commitments in terms of financial and also family.

If you have missed this slot and in later life want to go travelling then you may have to wait until you have saved enough money to have a year or two out of work, wait until any children you have are older or decide to do it as a family. Travelling for long periods of time with children can be hard work and may not be the best for their educational needs but some people do manage to make it work.

When thinking about travelling you will need to save a certain amount of money up to at least see you through the first few months (if you are planning on working whilst you travel). You should always keep enough money for a flight back home so if worse comes to worse you can leave when you want to. It is nice to be able to go travelling with friends or a family member as often travel can be quite lonely if you have to do it on your own.