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Pavilion Hotel For The “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Lifestyle

Located in the wonderful Sussex Gardens in Hyde Park in West London. The premiss behind the hotel is a break from traditional confines of what a hotel expereince should be. The theme of the hotel is an artistic interpretation of rock ‘n’ roll meets eccentric shabby chic. This hotel is aimed at people who want more of an experience, than a standard bed and breakfast. The Pavilion is located a few minutes walk from both Paddington Station and Waterloo and has over 30 “groovy” rooms to transport you to the epicurean setting paying homage to the swinging 60’s and 70’s with its “Honkey Tonk Afro” suite. The hotel is owned and... Read more

Travelling to a Volcano

Visiting an active volcano is an experience incomparable to any other. In places like Iceland, you can see some truly unique views of the rivers of flowing lava, geyser’s and caldera’s. In an volcanically active region, the area is flush with views of these phenomena that leaving without seeing an earthshaking display of natural beauty is impossible. There has been a rapid growth in visits to areas like this, despite the obvious risks involved. One of the most popularly visited places for a volcanic experience outside Iceland, is Yellowstone national park, in the USA. Yellowstone is not just any volcano, but is in fact a super volcano, a volcano which... Read more

Hotel on the River

River hotels offer a unique experience, providing you with an experience unlike traditional hotels while also avoiding the annoyances that many people find when going on cruise holidays. Most of these hotels allow you to experience the local culture while also allowing you to travel up and down canals; either through affiliate canal boat companies, or, as a different experience, it could be a mobile canal hotel/bed and breakfast. Although both ocean cruises and this new style of canal boat/barge hotel are both on the water, the two experiences of traveling across ocean and down a river cannot be more different. A river dock has the added benefit of being... Read more

Travel Lodges

People will generally use a travel lodge for a place to stay for short trips and when they are traveling. Hence the name. But there is no need to narrowly define what to use them for. Most travel lodges have a poor reputation, but it is really about what your expectations are. Take for instance, premier inn, if you go there with very simple expectations, namely, warmth, cleanliness, and a bathroom then your expectations will be met, and you will likely appreciate the service offered. Now, this isn’t really what a lot of people are looking for from a holiday, but if you are trying to save money, then relying... Read more

Are Caravan Holidays finished?

The simple answer to this question is no. Caravan holidays will always be some of the cheapest out there, and occasionally they can be very expensive. Much like a hotel, it depends on the type of accommodation, and the season in which you aim to visit. During the summer, there are endless caravans on our British roads, but the same is said for France Germany and Holland. Road caravans can ensure that our belongings are safe, and our comfortable atmosphere is taken with us, so we always have an element of home, even if we were to travel across Europe. There’s no doubt that the demand for beach holidays has... Read more

A Chelsea Weekend Away

London is not just famous for its parliamentary and royal buildings, monuments, museums, shops, tubes, and statues; it’s also popular for Chelsea, home of the popular reality TV Show Made in Chelsea. Known as a particularly ‘rich’ part of London, Chelsea does have a lot to offer, especially for those reality TV fans. For entertainment there are numerous bars, clubs and pubs, while popular places include Chelsea Cinema, Cadogan Hall and Royal Court Theatre. Nightlife is only growing in Chelsea, and you genuinely don’t have to leave the town to find everything you need. Prices may be high, but they don’t call it the expensive part of London for nothing.... Read more