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Choosing your accommodation

When staying away whether it be for business or pleasure you need to think about what is important to you in terms of what the accommodation can offer. If you are looking to book a room to stay in following a night out on the town and don’t intend on spending much time in there then you will probably be looking to find somewhere that is cheap  and close to where you will be going out. If you are looking for a break away with a loved one or friend where you can unwind and relax then you may want to opt for somewhere that has an onsite bar and... Read more

How about a scuba diving holiday?

Holidays are great fun, but are you getting a little bit fed up of the same type of holiday. You know the one, where you spend all your time either on the beach or lazing by the pool? If so then it sounds like its time for a change. Have you though of going on an adventure holiday? Adventure holidays can mean several different things such as Kayaking, Safari trips or Hiking for example. Another great adventure holiday you must try is Scuba Diving. Scuba diving is a sport that has been around for several years now and is still extremely popular. There are many places that you can do... Read more

How staying in a hotel may work out cheaper than a caravan holiday

With this year speeding towards then end, many people are already starting to look forward to next summer and starting to look at booking holidays. If you are confined to school holidays then you often need to get in early to secure the place you want and this may also allow you to spread the cost of the holiday too. For a family wishing to hire a caravan in popular destinations such as Cornwall or Wales, you may be looking to spend in excess of a thousand pounds for a week in a caravan. This often will be on a self-catering basis so on top of that you will have... Read more

A popular holiday choice – Vancouver, Canada

Canada is a very popular holiday choice for many Brits. There are some breath taking sights to see and lots of places to visit which will ensure your holiday is jam packed full of fun. Many people go to Vancouver to discover the beautiful landscapes, snow capped mountains or to have an exhilarating ski experience but there is so much more to do there, that it really is a place for everyone to enjoy. Vancouver really does offer a lot, there is the golden sandy beaches plus the vibrant nightlife for those looking to see out the evening in style. A must for all tourists wishing to explore Vancouver is... Read more

Holiday clubs for your children

Many families choose to go on holiday altogether and children often look forward to being able to spend time with their parents, playing in the pool or building sand castles on the beach. Although there is often plenty to do on holiday, parents sometimes may feel that they need a bit of a break from trying to entertain the kids and look to holiday clubs. It may be that this holiday is the only break you get from work or from looking after the children, so it is totally acceptable that you will need some time to do what you enjoy too. Many resorts in the UK but often abroad... Read more

Winter holidays travel insurance

It may seem strange to think about winter in the height of summer, but if you have booked to go on a winter holiday this year then you should start to think about your holiday insurance if you have not done so already. When travelling abroad it imperative that you have the correct level of travel insurance to cover you and anyone else in your family that is travelling with you. If you are choosing to go on a winter holiday then you may need to carefully consider what activities you may be doing and check prior to leaving, if you are covered for those in your holiday insurance as... Read more