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Exploring the night life when abroad

Many people like to be able to go out at night when they are on holiday. If you have young children you may not venture far and will most probably not stay out too late, but if you are with friends or your partner then the night can be a time to really let your hair down. It is important to consider where you should and shouldn’t go when abroad. Some popular tourist destinations often have places which are aimed particularly at tourists, but what about if you fancy something a little different. You may want to experience a more traditional form of entertainment in which case, you may venture... Read more

What’s the best age to travel?

If you want to go travelling you may wonder when the best time of your life is to go. Many people decide to go travelling straight after school or college and decide to take a year out before starting work or doing a university course. This can be ideal as you may still be living with parents and have very few commitments in terms of financial and also family. If you have missed this slot and in later life want to go travelling then you may have to wait until you have saved enough money to have a year or two out of work, wait until any children you have... Read more

Husky ride adventure holidays

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference and don’t mind spending it in wintery condition then a husky ride holiday could be the one for you. When people hear the word holiday often they think of sunny beaches, hot weather and lazing by the pool, but more and more people are now choosing to spend their holiday funds on winter holiday packages. Sweden offer a great husky experience that all the family can enjoy and you can even chose to go there for a Christmas break, pretty much guaranteeing the snow! On a husky holiday you can expect to be taken for a ride by the huskies... Read more

Go Ape days out

If you are looking for an adventure holiday in the UK then you may want to consider Go Ape. Go Ape is the UK’s number one forest adventure. If you re looking for a fun day out and have a group of people that are willing to participate in the activities then you will not be disappointed with a day trip to one of the Go Ape locations all over the UK. You can expect t do activities such as zip wires, tree climbing and mastering the rope bridges. A day out at Go Ape is not particularly cheap, so you will want to make sure that you get the... Read more

School adventure trips

Many schools give pupils the opportunity to go on one or more adventure type holidays during their time at school. These trips are designed to not only teach children important life skills and be educational, but to also offer adventure and excitement. When I was younger we got the opportunity to go to an adventure centre in Wales. As I was only 11, I found the whole experience absolutely amazing and it was the first bit of freedom I had had away from my parents. The activities that are set up are designed to help with team building, problem solving and to build up confidence. Although these trips can sometimes... Read more

Travelling to a Volcano

Visiting an active volcano is an experience incomparable to any other. In places like Iceland, you can see some truly unique views of the rivers of flowing lava, geyser’s and caldera’s. In an volcanically active region, the area is flush with views of these phenomena that leaving without seeing an earthshaking display of natural beauty is impossible. There has been a rapid growth in visits to areas like this, despite the obvious risks involved. One of the most popularly visited places for a volcanic experience outside Iceland, is Yellowstone national park, in the USA. Yellowstone is not just any volcano, but is in fact a super volcano, a volcano which... Read more