Booking last minute may not always save you money

If you are looking to book a cheap holiday getaway then you will often be tempted to leave it until last minute to get the best deal. Often you hear that by booking only 2 -3 weeks in advance will get you the best prices ad for this reason many people hold off.  This may be true for some holidays but certainly isn’t for others.

With the current Brexit situation some people have been holding off on booking holidays abroad due to the uncertainty of it all. With Brexit being delayed again, many people have decided they do not want to delay even longer and have taken the plunge to start booking again. This has a knock on effect on the prices and with more bookings, prices tend to start to creep up again.

A recent example shows a holiday that was £400 per person for an all-inclusive trip to Fuerteventura in June. This holiday was booked in May. As the date gets closer the prices seem to be going up and up meaning that only a week after the holiday was booked the price was over an additional £200 per person. This can be frustrating for those who were watching and waiting for it to come down.

The advice is that if you want to go to a particular resort then you may be best to book as soon as you find a price that you are comfortable with as they do not always go down the closer you get to the departure date.