Choosing the duration of your holiday abroad

If you are looking to book a holiday aboard then you will need to decide on how long to go for. Some people are limited to a week due to work commitments or school holidays but if you have the opportunity to be flexible then you may want to consider going for ten days or even fourteen days.

Going away for a week can be great but if you are going to be travelling a lot then you may find that you lose the first day and the last day only leaving you with a very short week to enjoy your destination. If you also then want to do trips whilst away this may take up another day or two.

As strange as it may seem, it can sometimes actually work out only cost a few pounds more to stay for another few nights as often the most expensive part is the flights not the actually accommodation. Be sure to check all of the options before booking as sometimes changing a booking afterwards will cost hundreds of pounds in addition to the cost of the holiday. Some companies offer a flexible booking service which allows you to make changes to your booking up to a week or so before you go with no charge for the amendments just for the actual additional time you will be staying for.