Finding a holiday for the winter

Many people may be delaying their summer holidays this year and looking for somewhere hot

As the UK is starting to easy lockdown restrictions, many of us are craving a holiday. It may be that you had a holiday booked for Easter, Whitson or even the start of summer an have had to cancel it. If this is the case then you probably already looking around to see where and when you can go. The UK is set to open up campsites from the 4th July, but this is likely to be quite strict which means many of the facilities that you are used to may not be open such as kids clubs or swimming pools.

If you are going to be staying at home for a little longer, then you may start to look more towards the winter months as to when you can go away. In the UK we tend to have quite cold winters and often the weather is wet and miserable. If the winter blues are starting to hit you and you feel that you have not quite had enough of the summer yet then why not book your summer holiday to start in winter.

Some parts of the world are hot all year round so you can guarantee you will get the sunshine.