Holiday clubs for your children

Many families choose to go on holiday altogether and children often look forward to being able to spend time with their parents, playing in the pool or building sand castles on the beach. Although there is often plenty to do on holiday, parents sometimes may feel that they need a bit of a break from trying to entertain the kids and look to holiday clubs. It may be that this holiday is the only break you get from work or from looking after the children, so it is totally acceptable that you will need some time to do what you enjoy too.

Many resorts in the UK but often abroad offer holiday clubs. These may be split in to age groups meaning that if you have more than one child, they may not be in the same club.  They are often set up to allow the children to go along for a few hours and spend time doing activities such as painting, watching shows and taking part in sporting activities etc.

Often holiday clubs are included in the price you pay for the stay, but if not they do not usually cost very much. Make sure that the holiday club is ran by a reputable firm and that they know how to get in touch with you should there be an emergency.