Looking after your valuables when travelling

A holiday can be a great chance for all the family to get away, and the last thing you want on holiday is problems. When it comes to valuables, the advice is to take as few valuables with you when travelling as possible, but when we go away, there are certain valuables that you may need to take such as your phone, maybe a laptop or tablet. Also often people like to take their jewellery with them; necklaces, watches and rings so they can get dressed up on a night out.

When carrying valuables with you when travelling you should consider where you are going to store them. If you are taking a mobile phone and your wallet / purse you may keep them in a handbag and as long as you keep the bag with you at all times and keep it zipped up, you should be ok. Thieves tend to target people that are not so careful and storing goods in a rucksack is always a bit risky as you cannot see what is happening behind you and it can easily be unzipped and goods taken.

Make sure any valuable items are insured and if they are already insured on your house insurance, check that they will still be covered when you travel.