Planning your 2020 holiday

With 2020 well under way, many people are already considering or even booking their holiday for 2020 or even 2021. There are some great deals to be had by booking your holiday in advance and it will also give you chance to spread the cost a little.

Every year new places start to become popular amongst tourists and other places become less popular. When deciding on where to go on holiday you need to consider who is going with you. If it is just you and a friend and you are happy to stop in cheap hotels or hostels then you may not need to worry too much about booking in advance, but if you are a family with young children then you will want to know what the establishment is like and that it is friendly and safe before committing to staying there.

If you are booking a winter holiday for 2020 then January may be the time to hit the sales and pick up those holiday essentials you need, especially if you are planning on going skiing as this is often when many ski suites are reduced. If you are not planning on going until the summer, then you have a little more time to plan.