Travelling to a Volcano


Visiting an active volcano is an experience incomparable to any other. In places like Iceland, you can see some truly unique views of the rivers of flowing lava, geyser’s and caldera’s. In an volcanically active region, the area is flush with views of these phenomena that leaving without seeing an earthshaking display of natural beauty is impossible. There has been a rapid growth in visits to areas like this, despite the obvious risks involved. One of the most popularly visited places for a volcanic experience outside Iceland, is Yellowstone national park, in the USA. Yellowstone is not just any volcano, but is in fact a super volcano, a volcano which holds thousands of times more magma than the norm. This has resulted in a very large area of influence, with hundreds of square miles affected by the fumes and energy released by the volcano. Unlike other volcano’s, Yellowstone’s caldera, which is typically the bit the eruption emerges from, is actually pushed up by the pressure exerted by the massive magma chambers underneath the ground. The natural beauty of such a place is proportional to the potential danger.