Cheap and cheerful or luxury hotels?

When booking a hotel you need to think about what is important to you. If you just want somewhere to get your head down and have a good night’s sleep then you will probably be looking for somewhere that is cheap but comfortable. If you are looking for a hotel where you will be able to spend time there during the day and possibly eat and drink then you need to pay a bit more attention to reviews and look at what facilities they have to offer. Ideally you want to find a hotel that has a pool, spa and maybe fitness gym or possibly a golf course/ tennis court (if you enjoy sports). If you are taking children with you then you may want one that has a children’s pool, games room and possibly kids clubs to keep them entertained.
Reading independent reviews will give you a good overall feeling for the hotel and let you know what you can expect. Be sure to not just read one of two reviews, as people have different opinions so what one person may not like or accept, will not be an issue for someone else.