Hotel Safety – How to prepare yourself, and what to watch out for

The recent deaths of John and Susan Cooper, a couple holidaying with Thomas Cook, highlight more than ever the risks in going abroad, and how much we take our British health and safety systems for granted; this hotel had passed its most recent inspection in July with a 96% rating.

Whilst the cause of death is yet to be established, it would appear that it is as a result of some issue at the hotel, with other guests having reported symptoms consistent with Legionnaire’s disease and advising of raw or undercooked food.

The couple’s daughter, holidaying with them, is adamant that the cause was within the room, however, and that whilst they went to bed perfectly fine, reported being extremely unwell the next morning.

Whilst there is no evidence yet of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, this definitely presents a risk and is easy to safeguard against with a cheap, portable alarm. The issue over food highlights the risk of the ‘all inclusive’ approach; it may leave you in a high-volume production environment, with little control over the quality or safety of what you eat and drink; it’s amazing how easy it can be to be caught out with something as simple as ice.