How staying in a hotel may work out cheaper than a caravan holiday

With this year speeding towards then end, many people are already starting to look forward to next summer and starting to look at booking holidays. If you are confined to school holidays then you often need to get in early to secure the place you want and this may also allow you to spread the cost of the holiday too.

For a family wishing to hire a caravan in popular destinations such as Cornwall or Wales, you may be looking to spend in excess of a thousand pounds for a week in a caravan. This often will be on a self-catering basis so on top of that you will have to buy all your food too. You may take food with you to cook and prepare in a caravan but often with limited storage space, you tend to have to top up your supplies during the week. Some people also like to get away from their day to day tasks such as cooking when on holiday, so this may not appeal to you.

Another option that you have when booking your summer holiday is to stay in a hotel. Many people assume that a hotel will cost more than a caravan holiday, but this is not always the case. If you have a family with you then, yes, you will probably all be in the same room but with prices often coming in at less than half that of a caravan, it is surely worth considering.