Staying in a hotel for business or leisure

Hotel stays can be through business or leisure and as a business booking you may not get the chance to research and choose your hotel so you may find that your put in a more corporate cheaper style hotel that is fairly basic. As a leisure customer you would generally take the time to compare hotels looking at prices and pictures as well as customer reviews and feedback.

Whichever type of customer you are you can expect certain basic things for any hotel stay and if those things aren’t there then you could be within your rights to lodge a complaint.

Basic hygiene and cleanliness is a must this means that the room and the bathroom facilities should be clean and smell-free. Often areas that receive the highest complaints are beds, with unclean sheets, and bathrooms that haven’t been properly cleaned.

Equipment working as it should is also a must as you are paying for the advertised features so if the television or radio doesn’t work then you are paying for something that you cannot use.

The room should be safe with fire regulation and procedures on display and nothing that could cause accidents through damaged equipment.

If there is anything during your stay that you’re not happy with never be afraid to go and tell reception as they may be able to rectify things quickly making your stay more enjoyable.